What your school is MISSING?

Attention Elementary Administrators: What is the most important skill students in your school need to raise online test scores?


Whether you agree with it or not online assessments are here to stay. In Maryland, we currently use PARCC.  However, when you have been in education as long as I think you will agree there will always be something to take it’s place.  Online assessments provide quick data and conveniences that schools just can’t ignore.

 So, your teachers have taught. Your students have learned. Now they are ready to tackle the PARCC Assessment. WRONG! 

Touch typing is an example cognitive automaticity, like driving, reading, or riding a bike.  Automaticity takes a burden off the working memory and while is not feasible or developmentally appropriate to have completely fluent typing in elementary school, it is feasible to start in Pre-K familiarizing students with the keyboard layout.  This skill alone greatly reduces cognitive load and means more working memory for students to compose quality answers with more details.  Additionally, these pre-keyboarding skills makes transitioning into touch typing that much easier.

It’s just common sense that students who are exposed early on to the keyboard layout and continue to be taught developmentally appropriate touch typing skills will do better on standardized test than if those same students were not given any formal keyboarding instruction or waited until 3rd to begin instruction

When children do not receive formal keyboarding instruction, it takes much longer to find keys, complete sentences, and include all the necessary details. When Keyboarding is fluent and automatic, it helps children focus the content of their writing, rather than trying to locate the proper keys .
Preminger, Weiss, & Weintraub

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