December 15, 2017

5 Ways to Integrate Keyboarding into your primary classroom.

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Integrate Keyboarding into Your Elementary Classroom – even without a classroom computer

Students are now required to keyboard their answers on state assessments.  Here are five easy ways to give your students extra exposure with keyboards even in Pre-K.

  1. TYPE then WRITE Use an old keyboard (cut the cord off) or a printable keyboard to put in a TYPE then WRITE workstation to practice spelling, sight, or high frequency words.
  2. The Name Game

Print out individual keyboard. Have students color the keys in their name.  Practice typing it. Send them home for homework.

  1. Fastest Fingers

Have a keyboard for each student.  Call out a letter and let students race to touch it.  This is could be used in conjunction with letter recognition or beginning sounds.

  1. What’s the Code

Students must type in in the word of the week/day when they enter the classroom to “unlock the door.”

  1. Keyboard Matching

Match lower case letters with uppercase on the keyboard.Match Maker Type then write The Name Game Safe Cracker

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